Let’s Breathe in the Dragons is a four part series that took place in Aberystwyth, Wales, from October 2012 – October 2013. Investigating the relationship between my body and my environment.

Part 4

At Brysgaga I had invited a variety of people, whom I had encountered on my journey. People who had inspired me and shaped my journey, either with theoretical thoughts, stories or practical inputs, as well as people I had meet during some of my walks. It was a body of people, a small constellation of relations.





The main body of this gather took place at Brysgaga. I had invited people to speak and perform in response to my research. Bruce Smith spoke about the drovers. Simon Whitehead reflected on previous journeys and current impressions until “he set off inside of a bucket”. Jess Allen marked the death of droving. I had swapped socks and shoes with Ben Driscoll, so we had one each. At the end there was a walk and later a twmpath lead by Erwyd Howlls and friends.

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