[Earthbound Series]

Friday 12th May 2023 – 19:30 at Artbeitsplatz, Siegfriedgasse 23, 1210 Wien

“What to do when the world begins to fall apart around you?”
-Caitlin DeSilvey, Curated Decay

“Bound” is a performance that orbits around planets, memories and the uncertainty of change. How to live with what cannot be undone? An entanglement of death, love, being bound to what is left behind – to history – to the aftermath. A dance on the seashore and a fall between the stars. A personal story. An anthropocentric story. A cosmic story.

The performance playlist can be found on Spotify:
Bound – Performance [Earthbound series]

Food will be served after the performance and drinks will be available.

Thank you for the generous support to
Bears in the Park
Arbeitsplatz – Verein zur Zurverfügungstellung
von Arbeitsräumen für Tanz und Performance

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