’So fa So good in Aberfal’ is a collaboration project between Fanny Frohnmeyer, Paul White and Mads Floor Andersen, which took place over three days in the town of Falmouth (Aberfal).

The aim was to meet the people of Falmouth, as a way to get to know the town and the area. The project revolved around a white sofa – in its form it was a statement of residence and in its context, an attempt to break down social boundaries. We carried it through Falmouth, offering a relaxed place to sit, a biscuit and a chat. This created a forum for the exchange of stories and for enjoying each other’s company. The sofa was a spectacle that interrupted the everyday and gave the public an opportunity to pause and get to know strangers and the town in which they live.

We offered our new friends marker pens and as people wrote, drew and scribbled as an act and a trace of their presence, the sofa became a concentrated map of the project. It evidenced its physical travel around Falmouth and also the gathering and fusion of people who participated in the project.

Here we have a selection of photographs taken with disposable cameras and a Miranda 35mm camera throughout the three days, alongside the sofa with all its markings.

Please feel free to take a seat and a biscuit and we hope you enjoy it.

Fanny Frohnmeyer, Paul White and Mads Floor Andersen

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