‘[the task is] to cultivate and invent the arts of living with and for damaged worlds in place, […] as and for those living and dying in ruined places.’
-Donna J. Haraway

‘The permanence of experienced unity is not only impossible, it is aesthetically undesirable; for art requires the challenge of tension and disruptive novelty and rhythmic struggle of achievement and breakdown of order’

-Shusterman on Deway in Kagan’s Art and Sustainability

‘Mosaic’ is a performance series, exploring the complex assemblage of a singular image. By creating fractured bodies out of ruins, embracing multi-corporeality and symbiotic identity it investigates how concepts such as cultures, home, territories, security, environment and identity are temporary structures, constantly shifted and shaped by its social, political and environmental milieu. Mosaic’s work thus leans into the transformative consequence of change and encourage fragmentation over time, as a way of integrating and adapting to a world in motion.

Mosaic#3. All materials were found in the nearby area. I created a territory, swept it and brought objects into it. I built structures, images; stood on them, held them and attached myself to them. Passersby were invited to join me and have a chat. Some chatted and some build. One person built a tower, which fell. I suggested she could build the same, however she replied “that is missing the point, as we can never build the same”.

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