Simultanious Drift is project by Hannah Sullivan, in which I participated.
Here is Hannah’s description of the project

The idea of a simultaneous drift is based on the Situationists notion of walking as an arts practice and simultaneous action having the power to join place

Hastings, Uk and Aberysywth, Wales
Amman, Jordan and Jaffa, Israel
Bristol, Uk and Bristol, Rhode Island, USA
Paris, France and Amsterdam, Holland
Paris, France and Wellington, New Zealand
Paris, France and Berlin, Germany
Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan

I will walk where i am and they will walk where they are. We will walk on the same day and at the same time for the same duration, we will work with the time zones to be simultaneous.

This work was formed out of a research project from 2008:

Simultaneous: we will overlay cities, play with the world map, move places against geographical law and alter this urban fabric. By working with time zones we can hold this secret that we are walking together, a loose tie between two people that acts as some kind of portal. I am in Bristol but i am also in Berlin.

Drift: A walk is a form of selection, a chance to see and be seen. It is also a creative tool a way to traverse your mind whilst traversing new landscape. This is specifically a drift, no map and no direction, giving way to the currents of the crowds and the meander of the pavements.

After the walk, we draw a map. Maps are a way of remembering and retracing, and they are as satisfying as following a well engraved groove in a hard surface.

This performance and its document is made by turning left or right, little decisions and small miracles.

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