I asked my brother, Casper, to make project with me. I told him to choose a street in Copenhagen, he chose: Værnedamsvej.

The ‘Projekt Værnedamsvej’ is a collection of five postcard size documentations, gathered from the chosen street. Over three days we attempted to document the street as well as we could, through writing and photography, but mostly through experiencing the atmophere of Værnedamsvej. For us, we became interested in the fact that it was a borderland between two of the counties in Copenhagen: In west Frederiksberg and in the east Vesterbro (which became a running theme, in some aspect, in all 5 postcards). It was a street devided in two, not only physically, but also in its French/Danish atmosphere, which has given it a significant attraction in the city as “The best street in the city”, full of cafes/restaurants, local shops and deli’s. This small street, at the length of nineteen cherry spits*, is cramped in between two main streets as a little oasis of ‘hygge’ (A Danish phenomenon that is better than cosy), which relaxed pace is far away from the hectic city life surrounding it.

This is Værnedamsvej through our eyes. Hope you enjoy it.

Thomas, Casper and Mads

*Title of Postcard No. 5

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