Performance work

Mosaic#8 (performed at Art Space toZomia)
Lazy Holiday Makers #2 (in collaboration with Sara Lanner)
LEANING INTO YOU (By Lazy Holiday Makers)
Hours (curated and produced by Performance Art Bergen)

I have nothing to hide (part of 20th Open Festival in Beihai)
Untitled (part of 20th Open International Performance Art Festival in Zhuhai)
Mosaic#7 (part of MIPAF)
Untitled (part of Festival of Naked Forms 5)
Lazy Holiday Makers #1 (in collaboration with Sara Lanner)

Mosaic#6 (part of Nasuti Festival)
Some Can Afford to Shoot With Water (part Istanbul Performance Art online exhibition)
Mosaic#5 (part of Transart Communication 30)
Build with me, it only lasts forever (part of Headroom #3)
Mosaic#4 (part of TAC 30 Performance Train)
Mosaic#3 (as part of precart collective exhibition on “States of desire”

Mosaic #2 (part of Body Landscape, curated by David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo)
Mosaic #1 (part of Co-existance 2)
SOFA – State of Fluid Art
Untitled (part of The Feeling of not Feeling at Home)
Breath /Break #7
Untitled#2 (part of KIPAF17)
Stuck in Places (part of KIPAF17)
Untitled#1 (part of KIPAF17)

Cumulator 11 (Derry/Londonderry)
Disappearances (Collaboration with David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo)
Breath /Break #6
Untitled (part of Trans Art Communication ’16)
Cumulator 4 (Project by James King)
Breath /Break #5
Breath /Break #4
Breath /Break #3
Breath /Break #2
Breath /Break #1
act of home-making

Linear when you think of it, but not when you think back at it#2
acts of home-making in a fucked-up world (Belfast International Festival of Performance Art -BIFPA)

Trail of Dust (Collaboration with Wahshi Kuhi)
Linear when you think of it, but not when you think back at it#1

2013 and earlier
Let’s Breathe in the Dragons (performance series from 2012-2013)
Simultaneous Drift (Project by Hannah Sullivan)
24h: Bristol
So fa So good in Aberfal

Curatorial work

Nomadic Arts Festival
Tang Festival
So fa So good na Šanci

Tracing the Pathway (artist-led collective)